What actually IS Dog Listening?

Nov 27, 2020

So what is this Dog Listening thing then? Just another trendy dog training method among all the others?

Far from it. It's a way of living with dogs. It's the foundation you need before embarking on any kind of training you want to perform with your dog. Or simply to achieve a relaxed and happy life with your dog(s).

Dog Listening is based on a method called Amichien® Bonding. Yep, that's right, it's a registered trademark, and rightly so. There really is no other method like it.

Amichien® Bonding, or Dog Listening which is the term I will use from here on, is based on the biological and evulotionary reality all dogs come from.

The world of the wolf.

The method is developed by Jan Fennel, who got her inspiration from Monty Roberts, also known as "The Man Who Listens to Horses". Monty Roberts studied wild Mustangs and learned how they communicate among themselves. He took this knowledge and created a successful way of gently training horses based on silent body language, as opposed to the usual force and violence.

Jan Fennel got the idea that this could be applied to dogs as well. And dogs are in all important aspects still wolves.

So Jan set out to study and understand how wolves in a pack communicate, comparing that to the behaviors of the dogs in her own pack at home. She applied her findings of wolf communication on the domestic dog pack, and the results were nothing short of magic.

A dog that receives the correct information about who is the leader in the human family pack (hint, it's not the dog!) can relax and let go of its perceived duties.

Why Your Dog Suffers From Thinking It's The Leader

Most of the common problematic issues people have with their dogs stem from the dog believeing it has the role of the leader in the pack. And the leader is responsible for the overall safety of the other members of the pack.

Living in a human world it has no way of understanding, this becomes an impossible task for the dog. A dog in this situation becomes highly stressed and can develop all sorts of problematic behaviors.

Some dogs get into overdrive when it's time for a walk, snapping at their owners and pulling hard on the lead. Others try to control the food situation, refuses to eat when food is served and may even guard their food (although there can be a history of being constantly deprived of food for this too).

Other dogs never relax but follows their owner around the house all day long.

So called separation anxiety is also an expression of this leadership stress in the dog. Imagine you believe you have responsibilty for keeping someone safe, a child for instance, and this child suddenly leaves the house and you have no idea where it's going or if and when it'll come back. Panic!

To relieve some of that painful stress, the dog may find something to chew on. Chewing relieves some of the stress through releasing stress reducing hormones. And it doesn't really care what it is. Furniture, shoes, walls, toys, books, you name it.

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